Tuesday, May 27, 2008

supposed to be in school today, but i overslept!!!
okay, not exactly overslept, i was kinda lazy.
my mother actually woke me up at around 7am this morning, i peeled open my eyes and looked at the clock.
"Still early, lemme sleep somemore." then i went back to sleep.
at around 7.30am, i opened my eyes once again, sat up and then went back to sleep again.
OKAY! so i opened my eyes once again, i looked at the clock, 6PM!
OHMYGOD!!!~ i couldn't believe myself.
i slept at around 1am, and now i'm up at 6pm.
and that makes it 17hours of sleep. my newest record!!!

okay, i'm watching Brainiac now, so entertaining.
okay i can't miss anything.
after Brainiac, it's DRAGONBALL time.


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