Saturday, June 7, 2008

my eyes are flooding. with tears.
OHMAN!!! this is the first time i'm tearing because of a love(?) MOVIE!
i just finish watching this Korean Movie, it's called, A Moment to Remember.
it's damn damn damn damn damn damn touching man. CHEEBYE!!!
here's the trailer.

think this movie is kinda old already.
WAHHH LAUUU!!! it's fucking okay. FUCKING!!!

it's like, Korean shows are all so touching.
i remember this movie, i teared too man. but i don't know what kind of movie this is.
it's called. The Way Home.
the old woman inside like whattttttttttttt like that.
the boy fell down, then i think he cried.
then the GrandMother sudden move like LiuXiang(the olympic spinter or something), walk to him then, wahhh sehhh!!!!
that part, i still remember that scene so vividly man!
super old movie.
and here's the trailer.

ahhhh, i know. i'm a gay.


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