Saturday, June 7, 2008

i finally finished watching 10,000 BC.
it's nice, the way they dress themselves are real cool~
you know, the wallpaper has this Saber Tooth Tiger, or so they call it the Spear Tooth, it only made it's appearance twice.
like nothing special. i thought the lead actor would hunt it down or what... but, chhheH!
the girl in the movie's cute damn it!
in the movie only, i went to find out whether she was a chinese mixed caucasian, and then i saw her other photos. hmmm.. not that cute already.
not as cute as she was in the movie, maybe cause of the eyes or the way she dressed.
hahaha. yeah i'm always take note of girls in movies.

WOW! come to think of it, i've watched so many movies, i've downloaded so many of them.
I WANT MORE!!! what next?


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