Friday, June 6, 2008

OHMAN!!!~ Enchanted was good movie.
you know why? cause the lead actress, Amy Adams, is hot.
but i don't know the way she dress when she attended the Ball, the end end part.
okay, the starting part of the movie was hilarious man.
damn funny.
but towards the end... it was like typical fairytale already.
like every movie has the same ending.
not that it's not good, but it's like expected. don't know lah!
BUT! if one of the actors or actresses died, then! i guess i'll be like...
"Why she die?! Why he die?!" like that you know you know? yaya? uhuh uhuh.
VAN HELSING! the ending. fooof! the lead actress died.
"Why she die?!"
but never mind, she die also don't affect me right? siao.

i wanna watch Kong Fu Panda! the way Jack Black talk damn funny.
hahaha. YEEEEHAH!!!


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