Sunday, June 8, 2008

OHMAN!!!~ i haven't been going out for like 5days already!!!
and it kinda feels good ya know.
staying at home, slacking and all. you go out, you needa walk and find things to eat.
but there's so much difference in staying at home. you don't have to walk long distances, and you don't even needa find food. cause they're all ready for you in the fridge!
but, staying at home's not that good either. cause, you'll become lazy. ahhh, i don't know how to explain.

WHOOHOO!!! i watched National Treasure, the Book of Secret. it's kinda like the first one. but... it sure is useful when you've got nothing to do. it kills time you know. and i still have 3 more movies to go. tomorrow, or some other day. when i've got the time. hmmm... i'll go have Pizzas now.


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