Saturday, June 23, 2012

Graduation Bear.

Mummy and Daddy Wong and Son Wong.

Students of ECC 2009.

Sebastian and Warren.

Damn, I look bad ass!

So I've graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic. I don't wanna graduate, because right now, I don't have a purpose in live. If I were to continue to stay in school, at least I have something to do. Something that I should be doing. At least I KNOW what to do. When I'm in school, I'm happy because I'm surrounded by friends. I see them everyday, so I'll get to be myself because seeing them so often makes me open up and be that annoying person that I am. I'd know what I can't say to them and what I can say.

Our handsome and cute drummer Jasper Cheok had his 21st birthday party just a few days ago. On Tuesday! Man, I had so much fun! I don't have much to blog about because I've already sent a text wishing him and stuff so yknow~ But still.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO! By right, with your face, the things you do, your face, your hobbies, your face, your interests and your face.. You should already have a girlfriend. But what are you doing bro? Even my face like that, my behavior like that also got girlfriend already know. Oie.. KINZ! I'm tired already. I'll have more to update about after Hong Kong trip in July and my pre-enlistment speech. The end.

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